Like all Pathos products, the Logos is visually stunning. A pair of Sovtek 6922 input tubes sits inside a triangular cutout sliced into the front panel. To enhance the glow, mirrors behind the tubes make it look as if there are more then two tubes. Each tube sits inside a chrome Palladin rotunda. Along the amp’s sides, heatsinks spell out the Pathos logo. The sinks are hot but the look is cool.
A block of solid padouk is set into the front panel, inside which is a 100-step digital volume control. You don’t actually turn the knob. Instead you flick it to the right or left and watch the number change on the red LED display
The Logos gave me a very clean, clear sound, with excellent bass control and a smooth, grain free treble.The Harmonic integrity of the tubes? I guess so. What the Logos lacked in some of the (Pathos) TT’s stunning single-ended immediacy it made up in more power and more current delivery into low-impedance loads.
The Logos struck me as a great-looking, fine-sounding, well engineered product. Even with unbalanced sources, I noticed no hum, no noise, and an extremely quiet background – indeed, no background at all.
I highly recommend the Logos, especially if you need the power and authority of a fairly beefy integrated amp. The Logos is an excellent choice for those who need high power, high current, want a refined and delicate sound, and value European – no, make that Italian – design at its best. Most people can’t imagine that such stuff exists.

Sam Tellig