Onix A-25 integrated amplifier - NEW

The new Onix A-25 integrated amplifier was created to mark the 30th Anniversary of the original and highly innovative OA-21 amplifier,  designed and engineered by Tony Brady and Craig Hill - in the early days of the Onix company. Minimalist, elegant, solidly built and fine-sounding,the new A-25 is a tribute to one of the most creative and influential British hi-fi partnerships, and at the same time a reminder of how good a compact, modestly-powered but well-designed amplifier can be. With just 30 watts under the bonnet (5 watts in Class-A), a convincing and thoroughly enjoyable sound - and great looks - it is sure to be a big success.  Features include balanced XLR input, pre-out, by-pass and full-function remote-control. A matching DAC (Model Onix DAC-25B) is available to cater for all digital sources with 24-bit/192kHz.d-to-a conversion. Just add a suitably capable pair of loudspeakers- and you have a top-notch compact system.The new A-25 is available now, price £825.