No hi-fi company in the world today can boast a heritage to compare with Thorens of Switzerland, pre-eminent in quality turntables for many decades now. In fact, the company celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2008. When you buy any one of the superb Thorens turntables from the current range, from the entry-level TD309 right up to the flagship TD550, you're buying into a distinguished engineering pedigree that goes back to the dawn of hi-fi and beyond.


Today's Thorens models take advantage of the latest technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques. But quality never goes out of style, and Thorens turntables have always been built to the highest standards, and built to last. That's why the great Thorens models of yesteryear can just go right on offering fabulous performance, musical satisfaction and pride of ownership. No wonder so many enthusiasts prize the sound of vintage Thorens models above anything that other brands can offer today.


And we believe there are many more music lovers who would simply love to acquire one of these fine classic turntables to take pride of place in their system. But whether you're an experienced hi-fi tweaker, or a perhaps an newcomer to the wonderful world of vinyl records, you might just be a little hesitant about buying a piece of older equipment from the usual sources. You might be wary of the hidden snags that can show up all too often when buying 'secondhand'. Or you may feel you need expert guidance in matters of cartridge and system matching, cartridge installation and set-up. That's why we have set up the Classic Thorens UK service. Now, through Classic Thorens UK, you can acquire a superb vintage turntable, supplied with all the quality assurance and back-up you would expect when purchasing a new product.


From time to time, we will make available selected, outstanding examples of Thorens heritage models. Every turntable offered by Thorens will be an exceptionally well cared-for example, in excellent original condition. It will have been thoroughly inspected, overhauled and serviced (using original Thorens factory parts) and finally, exhaustively tested by our expert personnel to ensure that it is performing perfectly to specification.


Finally, to help make sure that you get the maximum musical enjoyment from your turntable, we also provide an installation and set-up service. For a moderate extra charge, our experts can deliver, install and set up the turntable, either with a cartridge supplied by us or fitting your own cartridge, to ensure absolutely correct operation and optimum sound quality.



Now available from Classic Thorens UK is a rare, impressive and luxurious model, the Thorens TD520 Professional. Designed to be the jewel in Thorens' crown, this top-of-the-range record player was the last great flagship model to emanate from the 'old' Thorens company in the 1980s, a worthy successor to the TD126 and a culminating expression of the classic Thorens design concepts developed up to that time. It was designed to give ultimate convenience and ease of use as well as superb sonic performance. The TD520 provides electronic switching for three speeds (33.3, 45 and 78rpm) and there is also a fine (pitch) control, with a built-in illuminated strobe feature, viewed through a small window. This allows the user to check and adjust the speed very accurately, independent of any external light source. Living up to its Professional designation, the TD520 was designed to accommodate 12 inch tonearms, and can if desired easily be fiitted with an SME 3012 arm, for example. However, the deck comes complete with the elegant extra-length version of Thorens' own superbly-engineered, professional-quality tonearm, which has very high quality bearings and comes with a robust and conveniently easy-to-use detachable headshell. This gives very simple, conventional cartridge fitting (unlike the non-standard carrier system used on some other Thorens arms). Two spare headshells are provided, allowing an easy changeover if you regularly use more than one cartridge, to play 78s for example. The arm lift/lower device is controlled remotely from the control on the deck's front control panel and incorporates an invaluable auto-on and auto-off function, which in practice adds a great deal to listening pleasure. Needless to say, internally the TD520 makes use of the Thorens suspended-subchassis system for acoustic isolation, with a massive two-part platter supported on a superbly-engineered bearing. The turntable comes complete with a suitably heavy-duty acrylic cover, mounted on spring hinges which allow it to remain open at a convenient angle while changing records. Whether you consider the beauty of that superb polished wood plinth, or the massive proportions, or the functional elegance and sheer engineering quality underneath, the Thorens TD520 Professional is a stunning design. This original vintage Thorens turntable will provide a stunning centre piece to any hi-fi system. Available to buy now, this turntable can be supplied without cartridge or at extra cost with a pre-owned but barely-used low-mileage Audio Technica AT-OC7 moving-coil, and matching AT650 step-up transformer

Price of this classic Thorens TD-520 Professional: £1395   SOLD

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